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People say this site looks like it was built in 1999. It was actually made in late 2002. When someone offers to redesign it at a reasonable price, and if I like it, then I'll change it. Otherwise, this is fine. :)

Looks like I'm not doing very well on the Google Page Rank thing.

This is what awesome looks like.

9/16/17 - Something new to watch, Tim makes an appearance on the Archie Luxury Youtube channel for an interview, see it here: Archie Luxury Loudmouthtim video

I've been meaning to start editing episode 183 for 2 weeks, maybe it will happen soon! :)

And here is something else you can look at. The Beakercam! We have a cockatiel named Beaker, as in Beaker from The Muppet Show. I made a free earthcam cam page and use it so my wife and I can see our bird when we are out at work. I'm using an extra HP laptop computer to broadcast The Beakercam.

You can see the Beakercam by clicking on : The Beakercam !!!

I usually turn The Beakercam on, on weekdays around 7:00 to 7:30 am Eastern Standard Time, and turn it off when I get home in the evening, or whenever I think of it. Look at it. Beaker usually sings some in the early morning and at random times throughout the day. Minimize the Beakercam page and leave the sound on, and you'll hear him when he sings. He cannot hear you.

In other, older news, current as of mid-May:

I just returned from a vacation. I went back to Los Angeles from April 25 to May 4, with a long list of places to go and things to do. It was a great time, I needed to get away from here for a while. I've got 16 GB of high quality video to go through, to make a good episode out of. Maybe even a two part episode, we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I will try to get the pre-filmed #182 up sometime soon. Watch for it.

I had the urge to make videos a few months ago, so I filmed 3 in a row, with shirt changes between episodes. Episodes 180, 181, and 182. Only #180 and #181 have been edited so far. They'll be released over the next few months. Got to stretch it out a bit.

The history of Bitcoin interactive slide show.

In case no one read the "Contact LMT" page, questions can be sent to .

Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that! -- George Carlin

8/20/17 --I have had it up to here with the crybaby liberals in this country trying to
rewrite American history by removing symbols of the Confederacy and Civil
War, so I am putting the confederate flag here for a while. And the left
wingers don't have to like it. 'Merica ! :)

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